A Daughters Love

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Yes, this is not really about me as a father to my brothers, but it’s a pondering into just what the Father must want for His daughter.

I think about what I need for my three daughters; for them not only to be responsible adults and loving and respectful partners, but to be safe and respected and loved and cherished by the men in their lives; by all men in society – and all girls.

As a man I very well understand how men think and how they feel and the challenges that a person faces simply in treating women with the respect they deserve; that all humanity deserves. I know as a pastor, a counsellor, and as a chaplain just how much I have fallen short in my thoughts and feelings and actions, as a guy I mean.

I rationalised that, in endeavouring to live a godly life, I still struggle to attain to the standards of thought, feeling, and action that I’d like to meet. I am quite fortunate that the women near me have been gracious in understanding that whilst my intent reveals possible, my deployment is occasionally awry.

In recent days I’ve seen attacks on feminism as if every man who speaks up for females in society has fallen for some trick. These people against’feminism’ are deluded. Of course, violence against anyone is unacceptable, and girls aren’t immune from being violent, but guys own the bet in how to proceed if the world has any hope beyond violence.

I find it a ridiculous argument that men denounce women’s rights to security when they use an aggression cloaked in all sorts of vile devices, including inappropriate humour that’s supposed to be amusing but is just simply disgusting. And weak women join in. Some people are beyond loving anyone.

What must the Father need for His daughter?

Certainly, he wants His daughter to be treated like she’s a princess. Because she is a princess.

Does a man eliminate anything for treating a girl like a princess?

Where has the chivalry gone that says,’I choose to treat you as amazing for who you’re’

And that’s just the earthly father. How much more does the Heavenly Father want that for His daughter? Needless to say, we could ask what the Father wants for his son, and the Father must want his son to flourish as the protector of life, and to revere the Father’s glory at the girls about him.

To be correctly egalitarian, I think it’s crucial we get the gender differences right.

As the father of three daughters, having seen them interact with the men close to them, having seen them interact with me, I know that it is not their nature to abuse men. They follow their guys, always desiring their men to lead by way of protection and respect. I know few women who would be capable of abusing men for the want of it. Sure, I have seen women who are capable of abusing men, and I wonder what role men have played in the development of the women in question. Men are not blameless.

How To Kill Armadillos: The Father desires the best for His daughter.

The Father demands that His daughter be loved by being respected. The Father wants no fear against His daughter. The Father expects that His daughter would flourish. Along with the Father promises to journey with His daughter.

And if we care anything about God we ought to do His will.

Attending Summer Schools Are Important To Dancers

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This post is about International Summer Schools 2018 all around the world, are enrolling now for dancers and dance teachers to enjoy many varied types of Summer Intensive Courses over the next few months. You might already have booked on one… Or even several. But in case you haven’t, then here are 5 great reasons to do your research and enrol onto a Summer School of your choice today.

1) School’s out for Summer.

Perhaps you’ve just recently finished your SAT’s, GCSE’s, AS Level exams or even your A Levels and you needed to knuckle down on your revision during this time and for that reason you haven’t been able to attend as many dance classes this last term as you would have liked. Sound familiar? Summer School courses can be great for building your stamina, technique and confidence back up, as often these classes run across 1 or 2 weeks and this constant daily training is what your dance needs to catch up.

Or perhaps you recently received offers for Vocational Schools and Colleges commencing September 2018? Attending a Summer Intensive is a wonderful way to familiarise yourself with your top, Dance College / University choices and see if they really do meet up to your expectations. When you are registering for a’Professional Dancers Course’ or the likes of, for another 3 years then gaining insight into what your day to day instruction will be like, is going to help make decisions regarding your future much easier. No doubt helping to put your mind at ease, that this is what you really need to do! It will also be an easier adjustment from your current home life to settling quick and easy with your new regime, meaning you can simply crack with your training.

3) You can never have too many great friends.

By attending’Summer Courses’ you are spending time with like-minded men and women who share your love of dancing and can’t wait to meet you too. It will certainly make for some great conversations and a few giggles as your new friendships begin.

4) Further your credentials and training.

Whether you are a dancer or a dance instructor, it is often possible for you to participate in an examination session at the conclusion of the course. Most likely you’ll have to check this scenario out from the off with the program provider, but when it turned out that your present school wasn’t hosting exams this year or you felt about the advice of your teacher that waiting a little bit longer and taking the exam in a summer course would be helpful for you brilliant and your progression continues. Summer classes for dance teachers help in preparation for which level you are working at. Maybe you are looking at Licentiate Qualifications, but don’t now teach at the Advanced degrees, so these sort of courses are a great way to brush up on syllabi, training procedures and new techniques. Being surrounded by many other teachers will surely help you get answers to any un-answered queries you may have. Sharing your knowledge too with others is hugely beneficial to all.

5) Enjoy classes in various surrounds with unique teachers and company dancers.

Don’t worry your current teacher won’t be offended. Please bare-in-mind however, it is always good practice to request the permission from your instructor and take on board their guidance and knowledge when entering into discussions about which Summer course is the right one for you to attend. Different teachers concentrate on different theories, ways and means and technical corrections. You will most likely discover that your own teacher has been asking you to employ a particular correction for a while now, but for whatever reason, occasionally, as every excellent teacher knows, you just needed to receive the correction in a new environment and from a new voice for one to hear it. Many students find it motivational and hard to stand in-front of new eyes and work hard to receive feedback from possibly their idols.

In closing, by attending a Summer Intensive you have absolutely nothing to lose… OK these classes may cost you in a monetary way, but the 5 reasons above should be reasons enough for you to have by now grabbed your computer, pencil, phone and encouraged you to make contact with the schools of your choice running Summer Intensive Courses this year!

Make it the best Summer nonetheless… Dance awaits you! For more go to thisĀ link