Playing Possum is a real thing!

Did you know that Playing Possum is an actual thing that possums do? It’s true, its their defense mechanism. Playing possum is exactly what you think, the possum acts dead and releases a terrible scent, like a dying animal, the animal will bare its teeth and foam at the mouth a little….Do not fall for this guys trick! Chances are he is not dead, just scared and when you leave him alone, he will regain his composure and move on. The funny thing about this defense? Its completely involuntary.

So why are you seeing possums in your yard? That’s an easy question…food! Possum are scavengers, they will eat garbage, any kind of pet food left outside, insects and small animals…even snakes, they seem to be immune to snake venom, crazy huh? They are also almost immune to rabies, which is uncommon for wild animals. They’re also marsupials, we’ve had several of our techs get called out to retrieve dead possums and they always check their pouch for babies, they are so tiny and adorable! We had a customer in Orlando call us because she had a possum in her kitchen cabinets! How scary would that be?! Our technician went in and grabbed this guy with his bare heads, removed and released him safely into a wildlife area…that possum was at least 10 pounds, he was a big fella!

So at this point you might be asking yourself, Why should I get rid of the possums in my yard? They eat bugs, snakes and don’t have rabies. The answer is simple, they are wild animals. They do carry diseases, they will destroy your landscaping looking for food and those 50 super sharp teeth in their mouth, don’t seem like something fun to run into in the middle of the night while you’re outside with the dogs. If you think you’re having an issue with possums, give Melbourne Raccoon Removal a call, we will be happy to trap and relocate these tricky little guys.


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