What Kind of Harm Can a Raccoon Cause?

Raccoons are very intelligent animals which have excellent memory, dexterity, and drive. When they want something, they work hard and smart to get it! And often times, what they want isn’t good for homeowners. Although highly inconvenient and damaging, at least they do it for good reason: to breed and raise their young during the […]

Diseases Found in Raccoons

Raccoons, like many other wild animals, can be infected with various communicable and infectious diseases. This is the reason why it is important to never socialize or try to touch a wild animal, especially raccoons; leave that to┬áprofessionals. Over time, raccoons are becoming increasingly more familiar with residential life because new developments and construction continue […]

Bat Fun Facts

Bats are one of the most misunderstood animals throughout the world. Rumors of rabies and disease change people’s perception of this really incredible and intriguing animal. If this was your previous perception, than perhaps this guide and Gainesville Wildlife Control┬ácan change your thoughts! Here are some fantastic facts about bats and of their distinct species: […]